Costner's divorce to 'Yellowstone'

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Reports suggesting that Kevin Costner's divorce was related to his involvement in the show Yellowstone have been debunked by an insider.

Rumors debunked

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The show had impacted the couple's family life, with Baumgartner giving Costner an ultimatum to leave the show or "ride into the sunset".

Family life impacted

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Costner's representative recently issued a statement on the couple's separation, citing "circumstances beyond [Costner's] control".

Privacy requested

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Yellowstone, the critically acclaimed Western drama, has been a massive success for Paramount, with its fourth season set to air later in 2021.

Yellowstone success

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Baumgartner's ultimatum to Costner to leave the show or "hit the dusty trail" has been the focus of recent media attention.

Baumgartner's ultimatum

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Costner and Baumgartner's separation has been a difficult time for the family, and the couple has requested privacy as they deal with the situation.

Difficult time

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