Cool Facts About Love

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Pheromones found in human sweat play a role in attraction. Human perspiration has long been a component of perfumes and love charms.

Human Sweat

The heart hasn't always been interpreted as a love sign. The heart first became associated with love in the 1250s; prior to that, it stood for flora.

The Heart

Unbelievably, some people are afraid of falling in love. The ailment is known as phobic disorder. It is linked to a fear of relationships or commitment.

Fall in Love

About one in every fifty passengers has found their true love while flying. This was discovered in a survey that HSBC did of 5000 tourists.

Love in the Skies

Almost 3 million first dates take place each day. Many people are on the lookout for love. So don't give up if you haven't already met someone.

Searching Love

According to a research, 52% of women acknowledged that their husbands are not their soul mates.


A person spends 6.8% of their life interacting with people they love or believe they could one day become romantically involved with. This. In days, 6.8% is the same as 1769.

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