Christine Chiu's Met Gala Debut Prep

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Christine Chiu, a socialite, made a statement on the Met Gala red carpet by wearing a stunning garment that honored her Asian roots.


Image © Vogue Thailand

Chiu's outfit was modeled after a modernized version of a classic Chinese cheongsam.

The Dress

Image © Vogue Thailand

Over $20 million worth of diamonds, including a diamond headpiece and matching earrings, necklace, and bracelet, were used by the actress to accessorize her look.

The Accessories

Image © Vogue Thailand

Chiu's Met Gala ensemble was a way for her to honor her roots in addition to make a fashion statement.

The Inspiration

Image © Vanity Fair

Outside of the world of fashion, Chiu is a well-known humanitarian. She has backed many causes, such as arts and children's charity.

The Philanthropist

Image © Vogue Thailand

She has become a sought-after personality in the entertainment industry thanks to her commercial endeavors, charitable efforts, and obvious sense of style.

The Future

Image © Vogue Thailand

Her celebration of her Chinese heritage and charitable activities serve as an example for others who want to make the most of their platform.


Image © Vogue Thailand

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