Best Secret Restaurants In The U.S

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La Noxe is a little bar and tapas place located underground, next to the 1 line in Chelsea, with a hint of noir flair, a hint of villain's lair air, and much less space.

La Noxe

No Relation is a nine-seat sushi establishment that is concealed inside Shore Leave. No Relation, a restaurant with a tropical atmosphere, offers a 14-course omakase meal.

No Relation

Chicago has several exquisite dining establishments, but none are as secretive as Duck Sel.

Duck Sel

The top of the "nice place" price range is frequently the goal of speakeasy-inspired pubs and ostensibly concealed eateries.

Burger Joint

While it's nice to eat at Muss & Turner's, if you skip the host stand and enter the dining room by the freezer door—yes, the freezer door—you'll end up in Eleanor's.


The Cavern Grotto restaurant, which is on Route 66, is hidden away 210 feet below ground inside the Grand Canyon Caverns.

Cavern Grotto Restaurant

This Little Tokyo basement sushi eatery delivers flawless edomae-style sushi to a select group of customers every night of the week, though it is more hidden than secret.

Sushi Kaneyoshi

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