Best road trips in the U.S

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So keep reading to travel like a master. Additionally, continue to drive safely.

Any collection of the best road trips would be treason if it didn't mention Route 66.

Route 66

This show-stopping road may have just gained notoriety thanks to its appearance in the Big Little Lies opening credits sequence, but it has long been a favorite among drivers.

Highway 1 to Big Sur

This famous route in the United States is made up of discrete road segments that make up a seamless journey.

Route 101

Ready for a slow, storied drive? If so, proceed to the Blue Ridge Parkway, where commercial vehicles are strictly restricted and the posted speed limit is a pleasant 45 mph.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Play some Jimmy Buffett and head to the Overseas Highway for a getaway to the tropics. The 113-mile, sunny trip, which follows US-1, connects the Florida Keys.

Overseas Highway

This amazing road has been succeeding in its original goal of promoting tourism and encouraging people to visit America's national parks.

Going-to-the-Sun Road

Car-free cities in the U.S

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