Best Restaurants In Willamette Valley

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Save my list of the top restaurants in the Willamette Valley, which includes restaurants in Newberg, Dundee, and McMinnville.

One of my top picks for a fine-dining experience with exceptional service in the Willamette Valley.

Bistro Maison

One of the top eateries in the Willamette Valley for ingredients sourced locally.


One of the best restaurants in the Willamette Valley for sharing plates.

La Rambla

This lunch establishment is well-known for its salads, sandwiches baked on hearty handmade bread, and creamy broccoli soup.

The Sage

One of the best restaurants in Newberg, Oregon, for special events and multi-course menus.

The Painted Lady

Peirano & Daughters is a fantastic choice if you're searching for sandwiches or charcuterie to bring with you for a day of wine tastings.

Peirano & Daughters Market

Using products that are in season and are sourced locally is the focus of the family-run "daytime cafe" known as Crescent Cafe.

Crescent Cafe

Best Hotels In Willamette Valley

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