Best places to visit in U.S July to Dec

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Alaska: In Denali National Park, July is a great time to see caribou and golden eagles. Grizzly bears are also active during this month as they hunt salmon to gain weight before hibernating.


Acadia National Park and Mount Desert Island: Acadia National Park is located in the far northeastern corner of the United States and spans a large portion of Mount Desert Island.


Great Smoky Mountains National Park: The Great Smoky Mountains, America's most popular national park, is a location where the relaxed pace of the South coexists.


New Mexico: More than just the desert and one particular Netflix show may be found in New Mexico.


Las Vegas: As more and more well-known performers secure residencies in Las Vegas, the reputation of the city as a top entertainment destination grows as well.


Miami: The Magic City may not be the first destination you'd think of when thinking of art and culture, it frequently showcases artwork and exhibitions from renowned international artists.


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