Best farm stays in the U.S

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On this Montana farm, where interested visitors can reserve one of the two gorgeous guest homes on the site, there is absolutely never a dull time.

ABC Acres

A thriving lavender farm with 25 acres of the heavenly-scented purple bloom, enormous cottonwood trees, and well-kept gardens is available for guests.

Los Poblanos

The Wildcatter Ranch & Resort, located in the North Texas Hill Country, is a well-liked vacation spot for individuals who enjoy the great outdoors.

Wildcatter Ranch & Resort

There are 1,700 trees in this vast California orchard, and they produce 40 different kinds of apples and pears, including Goldrush, Fuji, and Bartlett.

Philo Apple Farm

Visitors can help the staff care for the animals, weed the vegetable garden, and feed the animals. They can also take a break by taking a trip around the property.

Willow-Witt Ranch

At the renowned Blackberry Farm, easily the most luxury accommodation on the list, you won't have to rough it.

Blackberry Farm

The Fort Lewis Lodge is positioned in the middle of a sizable 3,300 acre property in Bath County and is encircled by hills, valleys, and woodlands.

Fort Lewis Lodge & Farm

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