Best Coffee Shops in Chicago

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All have exceptional coffee in a top-notch setting. These are my favorite coffee shops out of over 20 amazing ones I've tried!

One of the top coffee shops in Chicago with a hipster vibe.

Ipsento 606

For Nitro Cold Brew and Nitro Lattes, this Chicago coffee shop is among the best.

La Colombe

One of the best coffee shops in Chicago for healthy snacks and draft coffee and tea.

Fairgrounds Cafe

The downtown area is constantly bustling with activity and appears to be a favorite among residents. The branded beans from Caffe Umbria guarantee superior taste and quality.

Caffe Umbria

One of the best coffee shops in Chicago for a full food menu and room to spread out.

Three Greens Market

I don't typically frequent hotel coffee shops, but Café Integral's appealing decor and welcoming atmosphere place it among the best in Chicago.

Café Integral

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