Best Cheap Places To Eat In U.S

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The most affordable restaurants in Boston are those with menus geared toward college students. You may find savory and sweet foods at Flour Bakery + Café.

Boston, Massachusetts

Local restaurants in Atlantic City take very seriously their commitment to provide excellent meals for low prices.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

In Honolulu, order Hawaii's original Spam musubi from Musubi Café Iyasumi between rough waves and sunset strolls.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Cuban Coffee Queen is the definition of beach town casual and serves delicious food and drinks at incredibly low prices.

Key West, Florida

Some of the best low-cost dining options in the nation are simple to find on Maui. For morning comfort food or early-morning surf adventures, Tin Roof is renowned for its Polynesian meals.

Maui, Hawaii

Miami's cheap eats cuisine reflects the vibrant Caribbean and Latin cultures that are dominant there.

Miami, Florida

The best affordable food in the world can be found in New Orleans. At Café du Monde, three beignets cost less than $3.

New Orleans, Louisiana

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