Best bicycle routes in the U.S

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To get the greatest views of California's Pacific coast, ride your bike down Highway One.

Highway One

If you enjoy being outside, you already know that Utah's incredible networks of caves, rivers, and trails provide an indisputable contribution to All Things America.

Canyonlands National Park

On this trail, which is positioned 1,600 feet above Lake Tahoe's azure waters, a fear of heights won't fly, but the breathtaking vistas are worth the anxiety.

Flume Trail

Instead of using the tram, ride two wheels across Everglades National Park on your own.

Shark Valley Trail

Start your exploration of the breathtaking desert landscape by pedaling upward along Slim Shady Trail.

Hiline Trail

Cycling enthusiasts will have strong Sound of Music vibes on the 13.6-mile route's swift alpine descent amid fields of wildflowers.

Trail 401

This special flow track west of Adam's Gulch is popular with mountain bikers who enjoy descents that feel like they're on a rollercoaster.

Forbidden Fruit

Best national forests in the U.S

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