Bentley's drug addiction caused $400K

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Wes Bentley, the star of the popular series Yellowstone, has opened up about his struggle with drug addiction and how he almost lost everything to it.


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Bentley revealed that he lost everything to the "fire" of drug addiction. He was $400,000 in debt and had no car, no clothes, and no money.

Losing Everything

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Bentley started taking psychedelics after moving to Hollywood, which led him down the dark path of drug addiction.

The Drug Addiction Spiral

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Bentley admitted to being competitive even when it came to drugs. He wanted to be the one who went the furthest, which only made his addiction worse.

Competitive Nature

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Before his life was consumed by addiction, Bentley had formed a close bond with the late Heath Ledger. They became friends while filming The Four Feathers.

Friendship with Heath Ledger

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Ledger's sudden death in 2008 was a devastating blow to Bentley. He was unable to attend his friend's funeral because he was high at the time.

Devastating Loss

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He sent him an email begging him to get help, and Bentley eventually listened. Today, he is sober and enjoying a successful career on Yellowstone.

Urged to Get Sober

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