Bad News For Alien Life

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Even the most solitary members of this stellar type, known as red dwarfs, are more active and erratic than the sun, according to a recent research. 

Red Dwarfs

The majority of the stars in the Milky Way are red dwarfs, also referred to as "M dwarfs" by astronomers.

M Dwarfs

Red dwarfs can remain quiet for a very long time before erupting with enormous "superflares."


These flares have been found to be 100–1,000 times more powerful than solar flares of a comparable size, with young red dwarfs being more chaotic.

Solar Flares

These outbursts, along with coronal mass ejections (CMES), which are explosions of blazingly hot plasma, can be incredibly destructive to planets orbiting red dwarf stars.

Destructive to Planets

Stripping them of their atmospheres and emitting enough radiation to boil away liquid water even in the so-called habitable zone around them.

Habitable Zone

Which is the area around a star in which liquid water can exist on a planet's surface.

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