Astrological Forecast for May 9, 2023

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The Capricorn moon sextiles Saturn in Pisces, encouraging patience and compassion.

Patience and Solution-Oriented Mindset

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With a solution-oriented mindset, nothing is outside the realm of possibility. We are encouraged to start small and work diligently to see results.

Realm of Possibility

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As we offer assistance to others, we likely won’t realize the wisdom and applicability of our advice until after the moment has passed.

Organic Assistance and Wisdom

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Before dawn, the moon trines Mercury in Taurus, leading to good decision-making. Our heads and hearts are in sync, allowing us to make important choices.

Good Decision Making

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We rely on environmental cues and sensory information to make smart choices. By using both our intuition and logic, we can make sound decisions.

Environmental Cues

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We don’t relate purely from a logical place. Our intuition informs our communication, and we give equal credence to both our hearts and minds.

Intuitive Communication

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The alignment of our head and heart during this time allows us to make important decisions with ease.

Alignment of Head and Heart

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