April 29: High Infidelity for Swifties

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For Taylor Swift followers, who have christened April 29 "High Infidelity Day," it has become a special day.


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In 2019, a Swiftie made the ironic suggestion that April 29 should be a day to celebrate betraying your lover in honor of Taylor Swift's song "Cruel Summer."

"High Infidelity Day"

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From Taylor Swift's album "Lover," the hit song "Cruel Summer" tells the tale of a summer romance gone wrong.

The significance of "Cruel Summer"

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Some people used the day to reflect on the highs and lows of their own relationships, others shared amusing memes and tweets.

The reaction from fans

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"High Infidelity Day" hasn't won over everyone; some detractors claim it encourages adultery and cheating.

The controversy

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Taylor Swift has not made any public remarks regarding "High Infidelity Day."

Taylor Swift's response

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"High Infidelity Day" is a quirky custom that has grown out of Taylor Swift's fanbase and showcases the musician's capacity to relate to her followers personally.


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