Adidas restless over Kanye West

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Adidas is facing legal action from its investors, who claim that the sportswear giant did not pay enough attention to Kanye West's erratic behavior.

Adidas in Trouble

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Investors claim that Adidas ignored serious issues with Kanye's partnership and failed to take meaningful measures.

Investors File a Lawsuit

Image © The New York Times

Adidas released a statement outrightly rejecting the unfounded claims and said it would take all necessary measures to defend itself.

Adidas Reacts

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In 2022, Adidas parted ways with Kanye after he made scores of anti-Semitic comments.

Separation from Kanye

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Two exposés hit the reputation of the multi-billion company after its separation from Kanye. One by Rolling Stone and another by Wall Street Journal.

Exposés on Adidas

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Yeezy former members' allegations against the brand of being updated from Kanye's "problematic behavior" but still "turned their moral compass off."

Rolling Stone Report

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The Wall Street Journal report claimed Adidas' top head honchos were mulling as early as 2018 about the risks attached to working with the Grammy winner.

Wall Street Journal Report

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