100+ Prime Video Originals now free

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Amazon's ad-supported streaming service, Freevee, is set to offer over 100 Prime Video Originals for free.

Amazon offers free streaming of Prime Video Originals

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Amazon Prime members will have access to these TV shows and films from May 26.

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Amazon's move towards free streaming of its Prime Video Originals highlights the shift in premium streaming services' strategies.

Amazon's move towards broader streaming plans

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Amazon is a streaming video service that offers premium movies and TV shows, including Originals, and free ad-supported (FAST) channels.

Amazon service with premium content

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Amazon's decision to add new Amazon Originals movies and TV series every month, the company aims to offer viewers a vast selection of content to watch.

Amazon Originals

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Amazon has rebranded the Freevee Originals FAST channel as Amazon Originals.

Freevee Originals

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Amazon Prime members will have access to over 100 Amazon Originals for free on Freevee.

Prime Video Originals for free on Freevee

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While Amazon Originals will be available for free on Freevee, the company has announced that the Originals will remain available for ad-free viewing.

Ad-free viewing

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